Family Lawyers Are Here To Help

Family Lawyers Are Here To Help

Many people only think of lawyers when they are faced with the possibility of criminal charges and a trial. Unfortunately, this means that potential clients are missing out on a lot of help that lawyers can provide with other issues. There are many different types of legal issues that lawyers can handle, and with years of law school and practice as well as a good understanding of the law, they can help their clients by providing a range of legal services.

Family and Children’s Law

This area of law requires a sensitive lawyer who understands how difficult family dynamics can be. Divorce or separation can bring issues with child care, and often, hiring a lawyer to assist with plans can help parents be civil. Minimising any stress that children face should be the number one priority along with keeping them safe and making sure that their lives aren’t disrupted. In addition, lawyers who specialise in children’s law can help with custody battles to make sure that the children are placed in a safe and loving environment.

Transfers of Property

While it is possible to buy and sell a home without the aid of a lawyer, having one to consult during complicated matters is a great idea. They can make sure that there are no liens on the property, that paperwork is filed correctly, and that you understand exactly what you are signing in the contracts. Never try to perform a real estate transaction alone when the office of Hawley and Rodgers is available to help.

Wills and Probate

Nobody likes to think about dying, but you are not doing your family or loved ones any favours by avoiding making a will. This paper will guarantee that the people you love are taken care of after you are gone. You can try to do it yourself, but the will can be challenged after your death if people think that it is not legally sound. Another important step to take in planning for the end of your life is appointing a power of attorney to take care of medical and banking matters.

In addition, if you think that a loved one’s will should be contested, then it’s time to hire a lawyer. They are the only ones who will be able to apply the law and clarify the will. Being an executor of an estate is tricky business, and the documentation needed to close an estate should be handled by a lawyeras well.


If you are having a personal disagreement with someone and can’t find common ground, then hiring a lawyer is a great way to make sure that you have the law on your side. Disputes with a landlord or tenant, problems with your employment, or even personal injury claims are all more quickly and easily settled with the help of an attorney.

Don’t hesitate to call an attorney for advice about any of these or other problems that you may have. While you may feel confident enough to try to defend yourself, draw up paperwork, or fight for custody of your children, relying on the education and experience of a good lawyer is the best way to ensure you get the outcome you desire.

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