The Benefits Of Using A Fixed Fee Legal Consultant

The Benefits Of Using A Fixed Fee Legal Consultant

Up until fairly recently if you needed legal help you would have had to find a solicitor and pay them an hourly rate. They would bill you for each letter they wrote and each phone call they made. In addition, if they had to serve papers or attend court there would be additional fees.

For the most part this system worked, but it did put some people off seeking justice. The problem is that a lot of people have limited funds.

This can make it impossible to hire a lawyer. Not knowing what the final bill will be means that many people decide that they cannot seek justice.

Fortunately, that has changed. More and more lawyers, barristers and legal consultants are introducing fixed fee services. You can still hire someone under the old charging system, but we think there are several benefits to the fixed fee system.

No Hidden Extras or Surprises

The obvious benefit is that you know up front what a process is going to cost. This can help you to determine whether it is financially viable for you to proceed.

A Clearer Contract

Usually the services to be provided under a fixed fee system are clearly laid out. You know exactly what your legal advisor is going to do for you. Under the old system, you would instruct your solicitor and they would decide which process to follow. Sometimes they chose an expensive option.

Speed and Efficiency

Legal firms who offer a fixed fee service generally work very efficiently. They have to do so to make money. This means that they do things fast. They also have to get things right first time.

Many Legal Consultants offers a long list of fixed fee services including dealing with complex situations. They also offers Pay as You Go terms.

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